We had so much aspiration, 

And now here we are,

Wandering and waiting, 

Without a specific direction,

Like living dead, 

Side by side, but drifting apart, 

Distant and ungrounded,

Wanting to feel the ground beneath our feet again, 

But then on the darkest of days, 

We see them and they come, 

Bringing us back down to earth, 

They walk by our side, 

Through the blur, 

Leading us home, 

And they look after us, 

If we should ever stray again. 


Life is full of challenges and even with supportive words from friends and family life can become unbearable. At some point you will be just going through the motions and be on autopilot. It isn’t until something or someone special that comes along that disturbs your routine and lead you out of the blur. 

I wanted to visualize the feeling when my life is a blur and who is there to lead me out of it. 

Struggling with Depression and Anxiety; I feel that my view of life is often skewed and they turn  to dark places and without a way to re-orientate I tend to lose my way. These unconventional portraits help convey the way I see the world; often dark, colourless and a blur.


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