Do You Want To Be Apart of Heroic Tails?

Grow awareness of our canine family and gather as a community to share our experiences.

·      Share personal stories and life experiences

·      Awareness of stigma of personal companion dogs

·      Awareness of breed/size stigma

What to expect

·      One on one conversation to talk about your story and how special your pup is

·      A 45 min. outdoor portrait session with you and your pup

·      Online Gallery to see and download your images

·      Feature in Project Gallery

What I need from you

·      Fill out questionnaire

·      Set aside 2 hours for our conversation and session

·      Sign a model release

·      Share your experience

Where I hope it will go

My hope is that this project will reach local pop up galleries and to reach out to some magazines.

·      Awareness of rescues

·      Meet like minded pet lovers

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Owner's Name
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