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Frisky Pup Canine Hydrotherapy |Edmonton Dog Photographer|

Marlow isn’t one of Kira’s patients, but one of Kira’s dogs. Marlow has only been in the pool once before this and she was quite afraid at first to go in. But thanks to Kira’s kindness and understanding Marlow became more comfortable and was swimming on her own by the end of the session! How amazing is that!?

I will be definitely signing up our dogs Cooper and Lucy for some swimming lessons!
For all of you also wondering, check out Kira’s website here —-> Frisky Pup Canine Hydrotherapy and Fitness. 

Frisky Pup Canine Hydrotherapy |Edmonton Pet Photographer|


Canine Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic method using warm water to help reduce chronic pain, help recovery and for general fitness. The awesome thing about Canine Hydrotherapy is that owners can either be recommended from a veterinary clinic or even take their pup just because it is a unique way to exercise . 

Years ago, my cousin mentioned that his dog Chia was attending hydrotherapy sessions and it was hard for me to envision what these sessions would look like. 

For all of you also wondering, I have captured some images from  Frisky Pup Canine Hydrotherapy and Fitness. 

Rambo is an older pup and Hydrotherapy easier on his joints than running around in a park. In the photos below you can see Kira, owner of Frisky Pup, checking out Rambos joints, where he is putting his weight on his paws and his stance.

Also I would like to bring your attention to his Kong neck floaty and Ruffwear jacket and how adorable it is!

Tauriel & Janine & Colton |Edmonton Pet Photographer|


How gorgeous is this energetic babe!?

Tauriel was pretty crazy the whole session but in the best way. She brought so much energy to the session it is hard not to love her! 

Poppy & Alyssa |Edmonton Pet Photographer|

Poppy is always up for a mini photo session! She is so awesome, very friendly and stays focused on the task at hand. I love photographing her so much! Plus she is super cute. 

Kitty & Becka & Manpreet |Edmonton Dog Photographer|


Good Wednesday Morning!

This is the first year I am taking full advantage of spring blossoms. The results turned out beautiful! I am already missing the bright colours and wonderful smells.