Wildwood Photographer

Kathleen & Jordan & Gracie |Cold Lake Pet Photographer|


Summer Days Are The Best Days ☀️

This past week our family was camping in Cold Lake; more specifically Ethel Lake. There is a campground we always go to since I was young. It has untouched nature and a beautiful lake. Ethel lake is a smaller lake which makes it WAY warmer to swim in. We spent most of our time hanging out on the dock and trying to teach the dogs how to swim. *Spoiler* Images of the dogs will be up soon. 

While we were up, I was able to take a couple of photos of  Kathleen, Jordan and Gracie. They adopted Garcie in December and they couldn't be happier. Gracie has come a long way from being an over protective dog on the streets and doing whatever it took to survive. She is now submissive towards other dogs and just wants to be their friends! She also gives the best kisses! 

Tessa |Edmonton Dog Photographer|


Beach Babe Alert ☀️ 

Why can't I live somewhere with more summertime!? 

I am loving these beach sessions and so does Tessa! She wouldn't stay out of the water once she got in. Tessa was able to run after balls, dogs and sticks. She definitely enjoyed it!

Nora |Edmonton Pet Photographer|


Summers are meant to spend at the beach ☀️

Nora was such a natural! She was gleaming throughout her entire session. She loves the water and loved hanging out at Hermitage Dog Park.  Her session was my first doggy beach session and I cannot wait to do more ! 

She will also be featured in my Ghosted 35mm project!

Chewy |Edmonton Pet Photographer|


Chewy was one of the first dogs to buy my Heroic Tails Book!

I was thrilled to photograph her and her dad knowing that they were so quick to support Heroic Tails without knowing me. I asked them to be apart of my next project; the one where I am shooting all in Black and White 35mm film. 

I still have yet to develop them so here are some digital shots I took throughout the session. 

Check out more cuteness on Chewy's Instagram @chewy_belle 

Eevee |Edmonton Dog Photographer|


Eevee is the first dog of my GHOSTED series!

During each GHOSTED session I am also taking a couple of digital shots just in case the film does turn out. So here are some shots!