Urban YEG

Mentoring |Edmonton Pet Photographer|


In 2014 I graduated from NAIT’s ( Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) Photographic Technology Diploma Program. Part of that program is to do 121 hours of work experience with another photographer in the area. 

At this time I was unsure about what genre of photography I wanted to commit to. Not one of my mentors were pet photographers. That was okay though, I learnt other things from them. 

Lindsay Hood Photography - Connection with your clients is key! She was crazy good at this!

Donna Lynn Photography - Be yourself! No matter what the fuck they think!

Lovallo Art Photography - You can see beauty in ordinary things! She was amazing at this! 

Okay, now fast forward to this passed week… I have my own work experience student from NAIT! How amazing is that. Brittania is in her second year in her program. I am incredibly honoured to have my own work experience student! I am love passing my knowledge to others and I know it is cheesy to say but I am a firm believer of community over competition. 

Sam graciously offered his modelling services for Brittania and I. Brittania also captured some BTS for me. How amazing is she?! Check out the video at the bottom put together from our session with Sam. 

Also Click HERE to see Brittania’s work.

Film Adventure |Edmonton Photographer|


I love that Noella is always willing to try new things with me! Last week we went out and tried out an old film camera that my uncle gave me. Together we went to downtown edmonton to find some cool locations. Hopefully I can start a new series with film and dogs. 

The flower mural is by Giselle Denis. Click Here to see her website to check out some more of her amazing work #vignettesyeg

Commercial Session |Edmonton Product Photographer|


Look at these beautiful Fossil Watches!  

Lately I have been working on some commercial jewelry shots - I mean dog owners buy jewelry also. I would love to start working on some advertising products WITH dogs. 

The next images are beaded jewelry from around the world. Some of the pieces are from London, Paris, Poland, Amsterdam and Iceland.

Kat |Drumheller Photographer|

I met so many amazing people while in Drumheller! Kat joined along with Shaun (Check out his post HERE) and I am so glad she did.  She brought lots of fun energy to our session! Plus I am in love with the colors in her hair!

Kat’s Instagram - @lilkatattack