Jasper Portraits

We Go To Jasper |Jasper Photographer|

It isn't very often Calvin and I  both have the same days off and luckily we were able to get away to Jasper for a couple of days. It was nice going somewhere without a real purpose. We had no pressing plans (Besides Calvin wanting to visit the Candy Store for fudge.) We were able to do a short hike, walk around town and play some pool. We then hangout in our hotel waiting for night to come to do some Nightscape photography. 

Unfortunately, it was too windy to capture an image of the mountains with the night sky. We couldn't find anything to ankur  the tripod down and the movement from the wind was blurring out the mountains and making them out of focus. 

Regardless it was a great quiet getaway and I am so thankful to have those times together.