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Eevee |Edmonton Dog Photographer|


How adorable is Eevee!?

Eevee was a prefect lady during our in studio session. It’s been awhile since I have shot in studio and she helped me brush off the cobwebs and create something beautiful <3

Gen’s Kind words

To simple put it, Cassie is amazing. I have always wanted some nice/professional photographs of my dog but was always nervous because my dog Eevee is extremely shy with people and has high anxiety. I have hired Cassie twice now and I will never go with anyone else! She is seriously a dog whisperer; Eevee was so calm and comfortable with Cassie from the get go. (I almost couldn’t believe it) Cassie is so calm and sweet towards animals and they can sense that she truly cares about them. On top of all this, Cassie was so helpful in helping me prep for the shoot; reminding me of little tips to help make the day of the session go a lot smoother. Cassie brings professionalism and experience to her shoots and makes the entire experience amazing! Highly recommend!

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Snoopy |Edmonton Pet Photography|

Get ready, This blog post is a tear jerker….

Just walking into the room you could feel his love reaching out towards you. His love knows no bounds and accepts everyone he encounters. I wanted to quote Courtney, Snoopy’s human, because it represents so many relationships with human and animals.

“yesterday at 415 pm, I had to say goodbye to my best friend, my rock, my world. I had 11 amazing years with him but it still wasn't enough. Snoopy came to me battered and bruised when I was 15 and lost and hurt. We saved eachother and that's a bond so deep that it's unexplainable. I love him so much and my soul feels wrong without. But I knew I couldn't be selfish, I had to step in and do what's best for him. I love you so much baby. 

And I want to thank the many people that came over the last three days to love him and bring him all the goodies and show him how many people loved him. He was a dog that instantly would make you his best friend and fall madly in love with him. You did so good baby. The best boy. “

Clover & Sophie |Cold Lake Canine Photographer|


 I do not believe there is a love or a bond stronger than a child and their dogs. Jordan, is obviously no longer a child, has very close relationship with his dogs.  They have been together for over 17 years and even though his pups are seniors, nothing can impede their love for each other.  Sophie and Clover still have so much joy in their lives and are often running around the yard.  Age is simply a number and should never define your life.

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