Engagement Portraits

Snow Day! |Edmonton Pet Photographer|

Took a mental health day yesterday; it was the best day I have had in a long time. Work and Heroic Tails have been consuming my life and even though I am eternally grateful for all of the support I have been getting, it has been overwhelming.  I found myself starting to fogging up, double booking my appointments and lacking focus.  After waking up yesterday and seeing all of the beautiful snow it didn’t take long for me to call it in. It was a great day rolling in the snow with Calvin and Cooper, watching some TV, chatting on the phone with my parents and editing some personal photos of Cooper. No stress and no deadlines.  I need to slow down more often. 

Teo |Edmonton Pet Photography|


 Teo is irresistibly adorable. I instantly fell in love with this Norwegian Elk Hound mix. Teo was extremely 'chill' about having me around photographing him and was mainly was just trying to get to sleep. His owner Jorge went above and beyond being my assistant, and even though Teo and him have only known each other for a couple weeks they were meant to be together!

I have always loved taking pet portraits however this passion has always taken a backseat during my schooling and work. HOWEVER! I am looking to photograph more pet portraits and thanks to Jorge it has grown to a People and Pets project. I don't think that name will stay, the idea is to capture portraits of people  in their environment and to bring out the bond between people and well... their pets. :)