Drumheller Photography

Tauriel & Janine & Colton |Edmonton Pet Photographer|


How gorgeous is this energetic babe!?

Tauriel was pretty crazy the whole session but in the best way. She brought so much energy to the session it is hard not to love her! 

Poppy & Alyssa |Edmonton Pet Photographer|

Poppy is always up for a mini photo session! She is so awesome, very friendly and stays focused on the task at hand. I love photographing her so much! Plus she is super cute. 

Kitty & Becka & Manpreet |Edmonton Dog Photographer|


Good Wednesday Morning!

This is the first year I am taking full advantage of spring blossoms. The results turned out beautiful! I am already missing the bright colours and wonderful smells. 

Film Adventure |Edmonton Photographer|


I love that Noella is always willing to try new things with me! Last week we went out and tried out an old film camera that my uncle gave me. Together we went to downtown edmonton to find some cool locations. Hopefully I can start a new series with film and dogs. 

The flower mural is by Giselle Denis. Click Here to see her website to check out some more of her amazing work #vignettesyeg

Snow Day! |Edmonton Pet Photographer|

Took a mental health day yesterday; it was the best day I have had in a long time. Work and Heroic Tails have been consuming my life and even though I am eternally grateful for all of the support I have been getting, it has been overwhelming.  I found myself starting to fogging up, double booking my appointments and lacking focus.  After waking up yesterday and seeing all of the beautiful snow it didn’t take long for me to call it in. It was a great day rolling in the snow with Calvin and Cooper, watching some TV, chatting on the phone with my parents and editing some personal photos of Cooper. No stress and no deadlines.  I need to slow down more often.