Tauriel & Janine & Colton |Edmonton Pet Photographer|


How gorgeous is this energetic babe!?

Tauriel was pretty crazy the whole session but in the best way. She brought so much energy to the session it is hard not to love her! 

Poppy & Alyssa |Edmonton Pet Photographer|

Poppy is always up for a mini photo session! She is so awesome, very friendly and stays focused on the task at hand. I love photographing her so much! Plus she is super cute. 

Kitty & Becka & Manpreet |Edmonton Dog Photographer|


Good Wednesday Morning!

This is the first year I am taking full advantage of spring blossoms. The results turned out beautiful! I am already missing the bright colours and wonderful smells. 

GoFundMe Heroic Tails |Edmonton Pet Photographer|


Hi Everyone! 

I just wanted to post a quick blog post to mention a little more about my GoFundMe. The event will be hosting in Edmonton, Alberta, and there would be free admission. It will just be a fun relaxing event celebrating how much our dogs mean to us. Without actually having them be there. (Haha)  

I am hoping to reach a goal of $1750. All the Funds raised will go towards the prints that will be displayed, the catering of the event, take home pamphlets,  and the rental of the gallery. This project is not-for-profit. 

CLICK HERE to go to the GoFundMe website to donate!

Thank you for all of your support xo