Beach Portraits

Cooper & Lucy |Cold Lake Photographer|


My heart is full. ❤️

This was the first time either of them had gone swimming. We have brought them to the river in Edmonton however we would not go far into the water. Lucy nailed this underwater session! Cooper, not so much…

As long as we had high value treats Lucy was willing to go into the water and deep enough to swim. Overall Lucy is a successful swimmer if needed. Cooper, however, was terrified. No amount of love, treats or other dogs, could convince her to go swimming. I guess she will be out sunbathing dock dog.

Willow & Colonel |Cold Lake Waterdog Photography|


Now Booking underwater sessions! 

Water sessions are becoming my favourite. Even though I find them sometimes difficult, they turn out to be something truly unique.  Create a one-of-a-kind canvas of your best friend with me.

Check out Gracie's underwater session in the blog! 

Gracie |Cold Lake Water Photographer|



Two weeks ago I had an amazing experience shooting with underwater housing; and it scared the shit out of me… The housing based off looks is a glorified Ziploc bag. It has a zip seal at the top and fold down velcro. Despite its simple construction, the waterproof Dicapac case held up! It was a little awkward using but this was mainly because I always have a battery grip on and the case is not designed for this. (I did not have the little door to take off the battery grip.)  Click HERE to learn more about the underwater case I used. 

Overall I am very proud of the images that were created. It is always good to stretch your skills and to learn new things. I will definitely be adding underwater sessions to my list of services! 

Seriously if you want some unique and exclu photographs of you and your dog. You know where to find me.

I am now Booking Underwater Sessions . 

Jordan |Edmonton Photographer|

I was not originally going to post this so soon, BUT i couldn't help myself. Believe it or not Wabamun Provincial Park was CRAZY busy. Here are some beautiful portraits of the Beautiful Jordan from Numa Models!