Be Adventurous

Kaya & Taylor & Penny |Edmonton Dog Photography|


Part TWO of Sunday's adventure to the ravine with Courtney from Willow Layne Studios, Megan from Nutmeg Photography . These three rocked their session. Their session was full of love and laughter. Thank you for coming out and braving the wind! 

Sam & Sheamus |Edmonton Pet Photographer|


Last sunday was a day full of cute puppies and amazing people.

Courtney from Willow Layne Studios, Megan from Nutmeg Photography and I adventured out to the Mill Creek Outdoor Pool in the river valley for a couple of fun pet sessions. 

Here is Sam and his beautiful Collie Sheamus <3 

GoFundMe Heroic Tails |Edmonton Pet Photographer|


Hi Everyone! 

I just wanted to post a quick blog post to mention a little more about my GoFundMe. The event will be hosting in Edmonton, Alberta, and there would be free admission. It will just be a fun relaxing event celebrating how much our dogs mean to us. Without actually having them be there. (Haha)  

I am hoping to reach a goal of $1750. All the Funds raised will go towards the prints that will be displayed, the catering of the event, take home pamphlets,  and the rental of the gallery. This project is not-for-profit. 

CLICK HERE to go to the GoFundMe website to donate!

Thank you for all of your support xo

Family Day |Edmonton Pet Photography|


Last weekend Calvin, Cooper and I were all set to go to Canmore for some family hiking. Cooper has never been to the Mountains and we were very excited to bring her there! Unfortunately the day before we noticed some odd goop in her eyes. The next morning, the morning of our Canmore departure, we brought her to the vet and they told us she has a minor eye infection. Even though it was minor we didn't want her sitting in the car for 4.5 hours potentially scratching her eye the entire way. So we settled with going to a new off-leash dog park. 

It was the first time any of us have been to the Terwillegar Off-Leash Dog Park and it was beautiful! The park is filled with little intertwining trails that weave around the park. We met some lovely dogs (and humans) that played endlessly with Cooper. There is also a small section that has beautiful sand, which is something I would have never expected! I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone for their dogs, biking, walking or anythign outdoors really!

And, a special shout out to the two lovely ladies that found my phone and returned it to me! You are both wonderful ladies and I hope good karma finds you! <3  

Skogafoss |Iceland Photography|

Some Images of the beautiful Iceland <3