Seljalandsfoss, Gljúfrabúi, Vik |Iceland Photographer|


Throughout out trip we often referred these falls as ‘sell ya land foss’ mainly because I suck at pronouncing anything Icelandic. These falls are seen from the road and down the path is Gljúfrabúi Falls.

These were definitely my favourite falls in Iceland; mainly because you can walk in behind the falls and get very close to the base. So close even my camera stopped working because of the volume of water that was settling on it. -Bring a water casing if you are going on a windy day- The day that we visited Seljalandsfoss was absolutely beautiful, it was windy but with plus 10 degrees and sunshine every time we were soaked by a waterfall we would lounge in the sun and dry right up! (Luckily for my camera)

It was so windy in fact we weren’t even behind the waterfall when my camera started seizing up. So naturally I took off my rain jacket to protect my camera and was soaked head to toe. 

Once we were behind the waterfall there is a tiny path to the base. I didn’t want to risk my camera anymore than it should but the image above is the ONLY photo that was taken at the bottom and I love it so much.


Is a smaller waterfall that is not to far from seljalandsfoss and was CRAZY busy. Gljúfrabúi means “Dweller in the Gorge” and it has this name because there is rock encasing the waterfall.

There is a small entrance that is hidden away which is nothing but water from the falls itself. I really wished I brought some rain boots to go straight through the water however because we did not and had no other shoes we decided to climb on rocks to get into the falls area. This is where it felt so busy. How the rocks laid only one person could go at a time, which created a line of struggling travelers. These rocks are slippery and can be quite dangerous if you do not have good balance like myself. Luckily Calvin carried my camera. <3

Vik (Reynisfjara)

Another one of my favourite places in Iceland was Reynisfjara Beach next to the small town of Vik. This beach is world famous because of their black-sand beach and it is no surprise why. There are enormous basalt stacks and giant waves from the Atlantic.  I have never seen so much power in a wave! It was beautiful!

The waves are so enormous that visitors are advised to never turn your back to the ocean.  They advise of “sneaker waves” when there is a sudden shift in the tide. It pretty much is a double wave and has the strength to pull people into the open ocean. There has been many deaths at Reynisfjara and the number continues to climb.  So please be cautious.

Please check out this video if you are thinking about going to this beach. It may have sensitive content for some viewers.



Iceland Selfies |Iceland Photographer|


Today is Calvin's Birthday. So here are some selfies of Calvin and I in Iceland. We tried to take a photo at every location. I am not sure if we succeeded or not... but here they are! 

P.S I am hoping to post some more photos of Iceland soon. 

Skogafoss |Iceland Photography|

Some Images of the beautiful Iceland <3

Calvin & I |Iceland Couple Photography|


Just some pretty couple photos of Calvin and I in Iceland. <3

Too bad we couldn't take Cooper with us! 

Iceland |Adventurous Photographer|

Well today is my birthday! So I have decided to share some of our Iceland experience! I know these two do not have any relation, just that it is a little bit about me. Calvin and I went to Iceland for 10 days in the beginning of June. This was the first trip we both have taken overseas and it was very intimidating but AMAZING!  

This will be Part 1 of who knows how many Iceland posts.

I am thinking no more than 4... maybe more I dont know... But Enjoy the long read!

Þingvellir National Park

Þingvellir (pronounced thingvellir) national park protects their historic parliament site. Leaders would stand on top of the rifts and speak to the people down bellow. It also sits between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. Within the Park is a waterfall called Öxarárfoss. This is the waterfall in the first set photos. Every waterfall we seen were as blue as the sky! If not a richer blue colour. You can't really tell in these but trust me, they were crazy blue!


This crater was formed about 3400 years ago. It is very easy to walk up as there is a boardwalk that circles the top. Calvin and I wanted to get up close to a volcano however we rented a 2WD vehicle and we weren’t allowed on the F-Road/Highland roads. So we settle with seeing this crater! This was also the furthest North we went. The crater had beautiful deep red earth tones and was covered in moss.


The day we seen Fossarrett was one of my most terrifying photography experience. For years I have a goal to ask random stranger or strangers to take their photo. Hoping to break out of my safety bubble and hopefully meet awesome people. Well this was the day! There was a cute couple taking photos on their cellphone and all I was thinking was about how weird would I seem to them if I asked to take their photo. I asked Calvin a dozen times how I should approach them, what I should say, what he thinks THEY would say. Suddenly I just asked the couple without my own knowledge really, it just blurted out. Calvin was even surprised.

Chris and Amber were amazing! They are officially my first stranger couple! Both of them were very polite and inviting, - I am sure they could feel my nervous energy. It was a short session no more than 5 mins. Nonetheless we were able to talk about how they were from the US and how Chris had surgery on his hand/wrist shortly before they came to Iceland.

I am so thankful for Chris and Amber’s willingness to allow me to photograph them!  I haven’t asked any other strangers since but it is definitely something I will do again!


Blue Lagoon

The scenery around the Blue Lagoon was simply indescribable. The land was red Volcanic rock, green mossed covered, water was blue from the silicate minerals and white from the deposits.  What you may not know about the Blue Lagoon is that it is a geothermal spa. This means it pretty much all man-made the water is heated and pumped through their geothermal power plant that is right beside the lagoon.

While at the Blue Lagoon we met up with a few friends from Edmonton there. This was their first day in Iceland and it was great to catch up. Plus having them around made the experience much more enjoyable! It was great to see some familiar faces in Iceland.  After we went to Aktu Taktu. Which is an Icelandic fast-food chain. I had never heard of this restaurant but the gang insisted it was like McDonald’s. Well it was very similar if you compare the burgers. HOWEVER! It doesn’t cost $45 for two to eat at McDonald’s. Boy was this ever a wake up call about how expensive food is in Iceland.