Cassie & Cooper |Heroic Tails Edmonton|


Before Cooper, my nights were spent in my bedroom, in the dark, waiting for the next day to arrive; which consisted of me working full time, while attending school full time for photography. There was no time to do anything I enjoyed and I dreaded that the days were consistent. My boyfriend and I moved in together and, for a while, things looked up. I finished school and I had more time to myself and planned to do many things that I love. However, none of those plans materialized. I would come home from work and sit for hours in my car outside of the house, dreading to go inside. I didn’t want to be alone with my thoughts and myself. I now had more time to lie in a dark room to dread the next day.

Finally, with some help, I got the courage to reach out to a doctor and he gave me a few options. I started seeing a therapist and she helped me realize that I needed to bring a dog back into my life. A dog would help give me purpose and knock down the walls of depression and anxiety that I have built. We got Cooper from NASAP, a local rescue, and together we both have some issues that need to be solved. She can be distrusting of strangers and afraid of new things, much like myself, but we work through it together. I slowly push her to see that not all new things are bad and this in return, is what she gives me. Cooper is now my protector; she comes to bed with me until I fall asleep and wakes me up in the morning, if I choose that that day is unbearable. She waits and whines if I am alone for too long and reminds me that she is just on the other side of the door.