Nikki & Savage |Heroic Tails Edmonton|


Hi Everyone, I love seeing all of the stories on this page and thought it was time to tell mine. A while ago I came to my mom's rescue. She was in a horrible relationship that caused her a great deal of physical and mental pain. As soon as I was adopted I was at my mom's side through it all, protecting her, being her shoulder to cry on and her rock. This caused not only my mom a great deal of pain and suffering but myself as well. I did not trust anyone but her and no one could get too close to us.

One day we said enough was enough. We left the situation but there was still work to be done, I needed to trust again. My mom took me to classes where at first I really didn’t want to be but after a few times I started to really like everyone and they liked me. I even got the honor roll! :) Looking back at the past when I thought our bond could not be stronger, I was wrong. Today my mom and I are more connected and stronger than ever before.

I tell my story today in hopes to help someone else that is going through the same type of thing, we know how hard it can be to tell people and to make the move for a brighter future. Be strong for yourself and for what the future holds, make the move, you're worth it.