Courtney & Zola |Heroic Tails Edmonton|


As most people know about me, I suffer from server depression and anxiety. And after I lost Snoopy, I went I to a very dark place. I almost tried to commit suicide because I didn't know why I was alive and he wasn't. I didn't know how I was supposed to keep going when my world had ended. He had been my best friend for 11 years through some of the worst years of my life. I honestly didn't know if I would ever get another dog again. Purely because I didn't know if I could love another dog again.

Well. That day came in August. I went to a HART (Humane Animal Rescue Team) event where I was hoping to see this puppy I was very drawn to, Heidi (her name at the time). When I laid eyes on her, I cried. And it was like she knew me too. She wouldn't leave my side. I knew Snoopy had sent me to her. She was what I needed in my life. A week later, she was home with me.

In the months that I've had her, she's made me want to be healthier, have more fun, and explore more things. But she has also saved me twice so far. I have come home with intent and a plan and then all she does is wag her tail and rub against me, then jump up to pull me down into a hug and I know I'm loved. I'm needed. I have lost the guilt of leaving people behind, which is a scary place to be. Because if I didn't have her, or never found her, I really don't think I would've stayed here. She is what is keeping me fighting. I need to be a better person for her because she deserves it. She gives me the reason I need to work harder and keep going. She's my light.