Adrianna & June |Heroic Tails Edmonton|


June saves my life everyday. I am still learning how to put a sensory overload into words, but it feels like the sounds or people around you are drowning you and when this happens I can't focus. I can't focus my eyes or ears, I get hot and dizzy and my heart rate goes up. It's a claustrophobic feeling inside my head. I have a history of PTSD and anxiety/ depression, and the combination of these things makes leaving the bed impossible some days. When June is with me, I know I am safe. It is still scary being in busy places and the SOL still happens, but I know i can rely on June to pull me through, so I know I wont get lost in them.

June gives me purpose because she needs me just as much as I need her, and even on my worst days, I have to stay alive for her. Words can't due justice when it come to describing her impact on my life, but having her has been the most empowering, successful and life changing form of treatment I have ever had.