Megan & Buddy |Heroic Tails Edmonton|


I don't have a crazy story about how my dog saved me from a bear on a hike and I don't suffer from any mental illness. Growing up, I was always the odd one out, an easy target. I was bullied and never really had a group of friends. In Jr. High I finally made some friends but it wasn't till later that I realized they weren't real friends. I spent A LOT of time alone. For an extrovert this is a very bad thing. My pup was always good at knowing when I had a bad day and he would always come sit with me. These days I came home feeling lost, unwanted and lonely. My self- confidence was also deteriorating. I knew that whoever didn't want me at school, or if my parents were angry with me, or my sister wouldn't speak to me I always had him in my corner. He wanted me and he needed me. Walking him everyday kept me sane and was the best therapy. On bad days, I would take off for over an hour and just walk with him. Once I got older and started driving, I took him to the park and would walk until he was exhausted and I wasn't lonely anymore and then go home and he would lay with me. Thanks to him, I knew I always had someone in my corner making sure I was alright. And that was everything. I think that if I didn't have him I would probably have a mental illness today.

I am thankful every day that I don't, it just makes life that much easier. I am beyond lucky now to have amazing people in my life, but I still have bad days and I still find myself reaching for him for comfort. I owe so much to him and am forever grateful.